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TGC Chat Room Simular 2015

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TGC Chat Room Simular 2015

Postby Mythinite » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:03 am

Jubilation! The wait is over! It has finally arrived!

"What?" I hear you say? Well it's the TGC Chat Room Simulator 2015 of course!

This game allows you to experience all the best things about being a part of The Gentlemen's Club in League of Legends, even when you aren't logged in!

The game features a near endless supply of players for you to interact with in the form of bots. We have gone to great lengths to create the perfect AI through a series of dynamic benchmark backward-compatible mindsharing for the most realistic League of Legends experience ever. Trust me, this is so real you'll think you actually logged into League!

Sounds cool, right? Well, of course it does, but we're not done yet!

Since this is a simulation, why stop at being a mere user? We decided that this was a great opportunity to let everyone enjoy the privilege of being a TGC Chat Room Moderator! Just try to stay sane...

Are you pumped? Are you ready?! Then go here and bring moderation to the masses! (dead link, sorry)

Of course, being part of League of Legends and TGC you already know all the rules and regulations, but just in case you forgot, here are some useful links and tips:
TGC Rules
LOL Summoner's Code
LOL Terms of Use
Tips: Be nice to others. Stop the bad guys. To play again, refresh the page.

Idea and writing: Mythinite
Code and additional ideas: SirWithoutName

I owe a huge thank you to SirWithoutName for putting up with my demands and antics for way longer than he should. This guy is awesome!
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Re: TGC Chat Room Simular 2015

Postby Krimson » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:07 pm

10/10 Very accurate - A+ would play again
Like a sir, Gentlife.

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Re: TGC Chat Room Simular 2015

Postby H4ndy » Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:50 pm

A bit late to the party but great one :D =|:3
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