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Winter Holiday Contest 2015

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Winter Holiday Contest 2015

Postby Mythinite » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:38 pm

The contest has ended and the winners announced below.


How Are You Gentlemen?

It is time for some holiday fun, as is tradition, and this year we want you to come up with new character skin ideas.

The rules are simple and as follows:

  • The base character must be from either League of Legends or one of the games we have played during Friday Fight Night.
  • The skin must be your own original idea.
  • The skin must have a winter holiday theme.
  • The skin must have a name.
  • You must include a detailed description of the skin, including what makes it different from the original (70 words max).
  • You must include a couple of lines with the thoughts behind your design (30 words max).

Just in case anyone is in doubt, a skin in this context is an alternative appearance, outfit or style that may include graphics and sound effects different from the original.

We will pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The prize pool will be chosen based on the number of entries. You can expect TGC merchandise, and possibly Riot Points for League of Legends players.

To participate, submit your entry to Mythinite either via forum PM or email. Entries must be submitted by December 24th 2015 and the winners will be announced around the 31st. One entry per contestant. Entries will be judged by the TGC staff. Therefore, staff are ineligible for entry. All entries will be published following the announcement of the winners.

If you have any questions or need clarification of the rules, feel free to ask. We have final say in any disputes.

See the 2014 contest, winners and prizes here.

If you don't feel like coming up with new skin ideas, don't worry! The TGC Holiday Raffle is live and as usual you can win TGC merchandise there as well!
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Winners - Winter Holiday Contest 2015

Postby Mythinite » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:11 pm

The contest closed a week ago and over the holidays our trusted team has been busy looking at your entries and voting for their favorites. Here they are!

3rd Place
Holy Spirit Nocturne by bibbi

Basically a light themed nocturne with wings instead of blades. Everything that was dark before, like his Q, is now light. He slaps with the wings and the passive will make a halo. His E makes the enemy flee in awe instead of in fear, His spell shield is light too. Best of all instead of darkening the whole screen during his ult, it gets white!
My reason for this skin is that Nocturne is awesome, the holy spirit is awesome, and mixing them would make a really nice contrast to normal nocturne.

For the 3rd place prize bibbi can choose between a €10 gift certificate to the TGC Shop OR €5 worth of Riot Points.

2nd Place
Santa Braum by Pandanaut

Braum himself will have a classical Santa costume. His shield/door will be a fireplace with stockings over it.
His Q throws coal at the faces of the bad enemies.
His W will have present box icons swirl around him when he jumps to his good allies.
His E activates the fireplace and burns the fire high.
The Ult unloads an avalanche of coal while it knocks them up.

When I think of winter holidays I always think of a nice fireplace while it snows outside, so I wanted to incorporate that into the skin.

For the 2nd place prize Pandanaut can choose between a €15 gift certificate to the TGC Shop OR €10 worth of Riot Points.

1st Place
Poinsettia Zyra by Sunshine

Zyra, decorated with red petals transforms into a Poinsettia bunch upon death.
Q sprouts growing stems and transforms seeds into small Poinsettias, which spit white Poinsettia poison*.
W: Buds appear green with a little view of red petals inside.
E: Enemies hit are enwrapped by large green leaves, since Poinsettias lack vines.
R: Poinsettias spawn in the circle, as they retract into a bunch, enemies are knocked up.

Thoughts behind the design:
Poinsettias are popular christmas decoration and come with a weak poison, adding in dangerousness fitting into Zyra. Main blossom is from November until February, making it a typical winter flower.

Sunshine included a sketch of the skin although it wasn't required. The sketch was not presented to the judges and did not influence the voting process.

For the 1st place prize Sunshine can choose between a €20 gift certificate to the TGC Shop OR €15 worth of Riot Points.

Congratulations to all three contestants and a Happy New Year to you all!

Honorable mention outside the contest
Ice King Vel'koz by bibbi's brother

Appearance: White with dark blue arms and light blue eyes, ice crown. =)
passive: a light blue triangle in three pieces
Q: A big lump of ice, which splits into two icicles.
W: ice splitting and then there is many icicles coming up from the ground.
E: a snowman that comes out of the ground and knocks the enemy up
R: shoots a snowy laser.

Thoughts: I love ice and I have been a fan of Vel'koz for a while so I thought it might be a good idea to combine them.
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Re: Winter Holiday Contest 2015

Postby H4ndy » Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:06 am

Awesome, gratz to ol' sunny!
Gentlemen for informational technology and coffee.
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Re: Winter Holiday Contest 2015

Postby Sunshine » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:34 pm

Wow, really awesome! Can't believe I really made it to the top :) As i expected, the other ideas are very good too. Iam very happy :D
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