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Caridor's Completely Computerised Chicken Creator

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Caridor's Completely Computerised Chicken Creator

Postby Caridor » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:22 am


What you're looking at is a tangled mess of redstone.
Well, you're actually looking at a surprisingly simple machine that completely automatically breeds, cooks and collects chickens and their feathers.

Every 3 days, it does a few things:
[*] Drops the chickens onto a fire, setting them on fire, causing them to run into a pit full of hoppers, which kills, collects and puts the loot into a chest, cooking the chicken in the process.
[*] Fires off all the eggs into the maturing pit
[*] Resets itself!

Once this baby is set up, you have all the food you could ever need and you never have to lift a finger! (Note: Does not actually provide unlimited food. Per cycle, a chicken will lay an average of 8 eggs, which averages to a single chicken. Therefore, the number of egg slave chickens you have will be approximately the same as the number of chickens you get per 3 days. eg. 20 chickens laying will get you 20 cooked chicken in 3 days or 60 food chunks. To run at maximum efficiency, you will need 501 eggs every 3 days, which equates to 63 chickens. Use a maximum of 60 to avoid a overloading the machine. This would get you 60 chickens or 180 food chunks)

It's also surprisingly cheap, costing (minimum) of 14 iron ingots, a couple of stacks of stone, 2 bows, about 2-3 stacks of redstone, 4 slimeballs, 2 wooden planks and 1 piece of netherack.
(Also 1 item every 3 days. Any item will do, apart from arrows, snowballs or eggs, since this has to be fired out of a dispenser)

Step by step tutorial is coming.
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