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A much needed farewell

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A much needed farewell

Postby He Who Hungers » Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:48 pm

My dearest TGC club members,

As some of you might've noticed, the Gentlemen's Club has recently experienced a swift change in policy. While none of us save the admins can yet be sure what exactly this change entails, it seems to include placing the act of ganging up on gasmes one does not like on a higher priority level than creating a positive environment for people to enjoy games in.

While I'm sure the direction in which TGC is heading can only be for the best of whatever goal the admins might be trying to achieve, partly due to the situation as stated above, coupled with personal grudges being borne against my person by members and admins alike, I can no longer bring myself to be partly responsible for what happens with TGC. More so, I can no longer bring myself to be a part of it.

It is not out of a feeling of superiority that I leave you, rather out of concern for the branch of TGC in HoN, which has remained unaffected by the above policy change, and is still running amazingly up to this day, thanks to Heroes of Newerth's great clan system. I can not risk TGC dragging TGCH with it in the direction it's heading in now, and I will strive to achieve the goal, which the TGC admins appear to have abandoned, of creating an environment for players of any skill level to play without barriers consisting of hate, rage and the like.

Having carefully considered the above, my co-founder of TGCH and me have decided that it would be best for both Clubs if they were to no longer be related.

I will preserve all contacts with my friends within the Club. Those of you who did not get to know me will, I am afraid, be missing out on that opportunity.

I bid it fare thee all well. And may we all enjoy our gaming time in the ways each of us sees fit. Be it by relentlessly bashing other games until we've convinced ourselves that we made the best choices, or by keeping an open mind and enjoying the games themselves, rather than arguing about which is superior.

Warmest Regards,

Jesper - He Who Hungers

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Re: A much needed farewell

Postby Krimson » Sat Dec 21, 2013 1:17 am

Whilst this post is somewhat grandiose for a gaming community I feel I should respond in some sense.

The 'swift change in policy' refers to our disagreement with bashing games in game specific threads and unnecessarily personal arguments and comments in said threads. (see Caridor and HWH's argument about Hearthstone in a few threads). One party involved apologised for their somewhat aggressive responses and the other party did not believe anything was wrong with his actions.

As a result, the second party decided the best course of action was to make a theatrical exit, taking the HoN side of TGC that he moderated with him. Whilst I have no problem with HWH leaving it is with regret that we see a part of our organisation removed, even if they have had a relatively minor impact on the TGC community so far.

With that said, I bid He Who Hungers farewell and hope everything goes well in HoN without us!

Like a sir, Gentlife.

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