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Recommending steam games!

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Re: Recommending steam games!

Postby Mafaias » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:31 am

Let me recommend a bit of the games that are less known but stands out to me.

The AI war series: This is a grand scale epic strategy game. If you like taking over the world with superior strategy and macro management. This is a game where a campaign is very likely to take over 10 hours. your goal is to wipe out the evil AI and you do this by producing tons of spaceships (take your normal game army of 100-200 and multiply it with 10).

Bloodbowl: If you like the polaris bloodbowl tournament (youtube it) you may like the game itself. It is a love/hate game and you kinda have to like rules and statistics to like this one

The binding of Isaac: This is a arcade game where you start of with just some basic shoot enemies and avoid them type of game but quickly evolve to be both brutal and full of upgrades. This is a game that let's you become op but is also brutally punishing.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: This is basically a game that looks like any generic MMO. All the quests are pretty generic and boring but wow, the combat is looking great. This game is like a MMO, but where you don't have to grind for hours to progress and evolve. It is skyrim with fun combat.

Mass effect: If you do play this game, don't do all the sidestuff in the first game, it is slow at the start but the more you evolve your character and the more decisions you make, the more fun it will get. I haven't played the third game :/

Magica: Play it with some friends, it is a overly silly game with a overly complex spell system that will make you laugh each time you accidentally murder your friends (sorry guys) and learn more about who those friends actually are.

Orcs Must Die: Defend a portal with traps and a sweet weapons against tons of cartoon orcs. The moot is really nice and the traps lets you experiment and play around. These games plays for a good 12 hour each.

Osmos: This is the first stage of spore but with more content. This gives off a nice zen feeling as you just enjoy the game.

SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies): This is one of those games where you get to customize your own spaceship and wreck havoc in a galaxy campaign with a great story and a nice difficulty curve. This is one of my favorite games.

Symphony/Beat hazzrd: Symphony is the best in this genre, both are games where you load in a audio track and try to shoot down the enemies generated by the instruments in your track. Symphony is the best one at generating a interesting level from your music, this however is first the case when you unlock higher levels of difficulty. It also let you upgrade your weapons and switch around. every song is different and every genre. For a challenge, pick a orchestra piece since those both have slow parts as well as grand collision between different instruments which triggers something in the AI and make it go crazy. This is also one of my favorite games.

XCOM: This game is a unfair peace of sh*t. This however just can't stop you from loving it. Make sure to play it on a difficulty that is hard for you and play on ironman (no autosave/reload). Since this will make your units risk being perm dead you will grow to remember the true battle proven heroes and moan the lost of great warriors. This game can get really intense as your soldiers are about to bleed out, you have no medkits and your only chance to save a valuable member is to win the mission, and do so fast.

Those were the steam games I recommend looking at, they are not well known because they are not for everyone. Look up the game and check if they are something you like (maybe check total biscuits first impression videos called "WTF is *gamename*"

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Re: Recommending steam games!

Postby Meowinator » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:44 pm

Man, that was amazing. I already own a few of these games (magicka), and they're spot on. I'll see if I can check Space Zombie game out :D
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