The Gentlemen's Manifesto


Joining The Gentlemen's Club is easy but may be different from game to game. You don't have to write an application or put your name on any lists though!

League of Legends

Simply join our chat room called "The Gentlemen's Club". You will find the join button at the bottom of the Chat Room Control Panel which in turn is located between the Friends List and Notifications panels in the bottom right corner of your client window.

Heroes of Newerth

Contact Eatsyourhead (HoN)/He Who Hungers (TGC forum) for more information.

Guild Wars 2

Look for our guild "The Gentlemen's Club" on the X server.

The Community Forum

In addition to being part of our Club inside the games, you can also join our community forum. It is a great source of information and discussion on your favorite games as well as the rest of the community. Joining the forum is a requirement for access to our VoIP and game servers..