The Gentlemen's Manifesto


About Us

The Gentlemen's Club is an Internet gaming community focused on promoting good behavior, intelligent discourse, and respect for your fellow gamers. Our goal is to create and maintain a friendly and civilized environment where members can enjoy their favorite games.


The Gentlemen's Club was launched in September 2011 as a response to the problems surrounding the League of Legends community. Endless amounts of trolls, flamers, ragers, and other Internet vermin were ruining much of the enjoyment of an otherwise great game. The Club founders, determined to prove that gamers could be civilized, and hoping to attract like-minded individuals, came up with a solution: The Gentlemen's Club started out as a small chat room on EU West but quickly grew in popularity, reaching the 200 concurrent users ceiling in less than six months.

Today we are not only expanding across League of Legends EUNE and NA, we are also present in Heroes of Newerth, Guild Wars 2 and many other games.