The Gentlemen's Manifesto


The rules for The Gentlemen's Club apply to all Club activities including but not limited to games, scrims, The Gentlemen's Club chat channel, Ventrilo, IRC, and forums.

  • All members must accept and adhere to The Summoner's Code as laid out by Riot Games.

  • No flaming, blaming, unconstructive criticism or similar negative attitudes. Everyone can have a bad day but take a deep breath instead of taking it out on your team.

  • No trolling/raging/griefing, including but not limited to troll builds, picks, intentional feeding, quitting or other (in)actions with the intent of provoking your team mates.

  • We are generally quite relaxed in chat about what is said, but links to porn or any other explicit material will not be tolerated.

  • Have fun and enjoy yourself! If you are not having fun or enjoying yourself, do everyone a favour and stop playing until you feel better.

To report a player for breaking the Club rules, please send a thorough description of the events including any evidence to a Club officer. A LOL Replay can strongly support your case. Please note that we do not discuss details about any actions we might take against the accused player.

If you are found to be in breach of the Club rules, you can either be punished with a warning or be outright blacklisted from all Club activities. This is done solely at the discretion of a Club officer after going over the case.

We will strive to hear your side of the story and to inform you of any punishments as necessary. You may appeal to another Club officer if you feel unjustly punished and we will review the case collectively.

For your first warning, we keep a hidden record of the event. If you receive a second warning, you go on the public blacklist. Any considerable breach of the rules can result in outright blacklisting without a first warning.

Blacklisted players will be excluded from the Club and banned from all future participation in Club activities.

Under no circumstances will we discuss specific warnings or blacklistings with anyone but the player in question.

These rules and consequences may seem extensive or complicated to you. We did not write them because we enjoy inventing rules or punishing people. We wrote them to make a crystal clear statement about what is acceptable behavior in The Gentlemen's Club for the benefit of all our members. Please enjoy your stay!