Arma 3 Operations

Setting up the Mods

If you want the video version you can find that here. It is possible the provided keys in the video are outdated (see below for those) but the main steps should remain the same.

Step 1: Resilio sync

This is a P2P file sharing program we use to distribute our modset. When it gets updated you simply run the sync again.

Step 2: Sync mod folder(s)

Currently, we're using 2 different sync folders. The Foxforce 7 (FF7) one is mandatory as it has all the base requirements. TGCSync is currently deprecated but may be used for an Iron Front server in the future.

Here are the keys for resilio:



Note that the folder preferences need to be changed to prevent problems in the future. The should look like this:

Resilio Sync Folder Preferences

Step 3: TFAR plugin

After you're done downloading the mods the last step is to setup the radio plugin for teamspeak. Assuming you have teamspeak installed, you can find the plugin in the FF7 Sync folder under FoxBase/Optional/tfar/...

Step 4: Server presets

At this point you should have all the required mods ready to go. Last thing you'll need are the server details and modsets. Location and details of these things change from time to time so it's best to simply ask around the arma channel or PM one of our admin/mods (RiceKab, Mafaias, Krimson, Raindeer) on Discord for details.

Step 5: Get acquainted

If you're completely new it's usually a good idea to get someone to run you through some of the basics of ACE and the radio system. Again the best way is to simply ask in the channel and any one of our more experienced players will be happy to get you started.

Mod problems?

If something goes wrong at any point in the setup process feel free to contact RiceKab on Discord or ask in the arma channel.